Will CEE Server Sales Ever Stop Falling?

Prague, September 1, 2014 ─ The server market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) remained on a downward trajectory in the second quarter of 2014, shrinking in value by 10.0% year on year to $349.95 million. According to market research and advisory company IDC, shipments totaled 72,728 units, representing an 8.2% volume decrease from the same period in 2013. “Continuous transition away from legacy systems and a trend toward consolidating IT infrastructure are the main factors eroding server market value,” says Jiri Helebrand, research manager at IDC CEMA. “A growing…

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Eight Bit ltd

Main activities of Eight Bit company are consulting, development and implementation of software business solutions customized for specific needs of each customer. We are specialist in building custom and adaptive Line-Of-Business applications based on Microsoft .Net framework and built from the ground up using modern technologies like dependency injection and ORM (Object-Relational Manager) to enhance modularity. Our main solutions are Windows desktop applications since this is the dominant form for LOB, but we also build additional integrated applications in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) or ASP.Net MVC, with WCF (Windows Communication…

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Microsoft source code for MS-DOS and Word available to public

Roy Levin, distinguished engineer and managing director, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley. We dusted off the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows. With the help of the Computer History Museum, we are making this code available to the public for the first time. The museum has done an excellent job of curating some of the most significant historical software programs in computing history. As part of this ongoing project, the museum will make available two of the most widely used software programs of the 1980’s, MS DOS 1.1 and…

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Last Quarter of 2013 Confirms External Storage Market Drop in CEE for the Year

End of 2013 in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) external storage market, even though recovering slightly, continued the trend form previous quarter and fell by 2.6% year on year to round $300 million. The results from IDC’s Disk Storage Systems Quarterly Tracker showed capacity was still growing by double-digit rates due to ASP/GB returning to logical decline path. For the entire year, CEE external storage revenue was almost flat, declining only by 1% due to weak second half of the year. The top three vendors, EMC, HP and IBM, although capturing close…

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