IT exclusive news is a service which is started by the “Internet Ogledalo” magazine to provide informations about market events in ICT industry on local, regional and global level.

The only constant in this important industry is change. Here changes are more dynamic than in any other sector and following them represents necessary condition for success in IT business.

Experience of over 15 years in editing Internet Ogledalo, business and technology magazine, and relevant knowledge of habits and interest of its readers where our guide in devising concept for the new service. Today’s IT market is complex than ever, competition is pronounced and informations needed for your IT business are multiplying from minute to minute. It becomes increasingly important to divide between important and non-important things, get informations in the real time and trust the source from which information originated. In that way you are saving time and “time is money”. Only right information received in the right time from the reliable source may positively influence your work, enhance it, or perhaps  give you idea about IT areas or segments in which investing is worth it or not.

Except daily news which we distribute to our subscribers IT Exclusive News Portal holds few very important segments.


Trough collaboration with the biggest local and international companies we are providing top class analytical texts and interviews on our portal. We don’t have to state how this business area is important for companies of all levels. Business decisions are made on exact information and in serious business there should be no improvisations. Analytics include local, international and global markets.

Comments and Opinions

In this category you can find opinions and comments from leading local and international technology experts and managers from IT industry.  We made important and exclusive agreements with these leaders which will comment and provide their own opinions regarding IT trends, situation in different companies as well as all those insights important for the IT industry.


It is long established pattern that companies are outsourcing part of their work or whole units to specialized organizations due to the practical and cost issues. This category contains complete profiles of local experts and technologically highly capable outsourcing companies ready for providing their services on the IT market.


Informing trough video content is most advanced way of distributing information. Today information consumers are more demanding and prefer to receive certain kind of information in this form.We are aspiring to perfect this category to our maximum in order to comply with their needs and demands.


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